Take Your Business to the Next Level.

Nebula NR5101 is a 5G NR indoor router with Nebula Cloud platform built in. It is designed for small business that requires high performing 5G with consistent high-quality network connectivity for business-critical digital operations.

Multifunction Router, All Up to You.
Nebula NR5101 is not only a simple network router, but it also combines WLAN AP, LAN gateway, and USB 2.0 functions all into one box. Its WiFi 6 can share up to 64 wireless devices simultaneously. Operates both in bridge and router mode, making the device easy to deploy and integrate into your existing environment. Nebula NR5101 offers more than just 5G, the variety of usages are entirely up to you!

Protect Your Workplace from Cybersecurity Threats.

Protect your smart building and workplace. When these places are full of connected network devices, they become possible entry points for cybercriminals. Nebula NR5101 is shipped with essential security features!

  • Multiple SSIDs/hide SSIDs
  • Application-level firewall
  • NAT/NAPT firewall
  • LAN MAC filtering
  • DoS attack detection
  • IP filtering
  • WPA2 and WPA3
  • URL filtering
  • SPI

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Zyxel Nebula NR5101 Nebula 5G NR Indoor Router

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